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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

aint that one pretty flower?
PROCRASTINATION TIME . yes i just finished 2 exams. 2 down 5 more to go! yeah i didnt even get to the hard ones yet...

so omg today my phone started vibrating in the middle of an exam and i was so scared. but luckily the teacher was nice and didn't go hunting for the phone omg. yeah near zero experiences.

im really looking forward to summer but unfortunately, summer school starts on july 2 ... guess no animes until august.. really idek why i signed up for summerschool.
furthermore, i really do need a job but i just cant find a good one. sigh.. maybe i should start applying for timmies :/

new pottermore?!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

one more week till exams wooooohoo. lol i dont know if i should be happy or sad or stressed. i shouldve start studying this weekend but instead, i ended up rewatching the first harry potter movie. thats cuz i recently just finished the first book (yes i have never read the books) and i realized it was actually really interesting. and omg the movie djjdkdd they were soooo cute, especially ron <3 yeah. and then i went and searched all their grown up faces again and omg feeels (tom felton sh ejhfdjks) (draco you turned hott). yeah. do i count as a pottermore now because im starting to fangirl over stuff?!?!

also, recently i felt like im not tryong hard enough anymore in school. like my marks are legitly dropping because im leaving things to the last minute and not studying and stuff. time to put my shit back together sigh. i really dont know what im gonna do when i see my bad marks :/

well im excited about reading the second hp book and watching the movie <3

until then check out my food blog. ;)


Monday, May 20, 2013



yummm dumplings ;)

yes im supposed to be doing english summative but its victoria day! who would want to stay home and do homework. now obviously i dont have a choice... omg
usually i can distract myself by going on tumblr but that STUPID POST LIMIT WTH yeah. post limit at 1 in the afternoon yeah. i think im posting a little too much. ugh i have an urge to go on omg, every minute i go on i realize i cant reblog so i just - adfahsdifuhudhiu stupid post limit. i didnt even post that much lol. right. yeah the problems with managing two blogs.
im listening to this 8track right now :) 8tracks is currently my favourite website and phone app LOL. really great music. just wished that they didn't use wifi so i can listen anytime on my phone. yeah


nationals, 8tracks & work

Sunday, May 19, 2013


wow national week was a blast. not only did we get 5 gold and 2 silver (poor silvers), i got to walk around downtown toronto as well. the picture above is me staring at the sky in downtown. yes those are really cool chairs and the building was really beautiful. i've never really get to wander around downtown and look at the shops, and this week i really got the chance to. there is A LOT of restaurants, like of various kinds. i felt bad that i didn't have enough time to try the majority of them because i really wanted to. there was also a lot of sketchy shops lol. but best of all, i get to check one item off my bucket list - visit a legit old bookstore that smells good. (and it smelled REALLY GOOD). yeah. i was really happy even though the books weren't as cheap as i thought they would be.
as for downtown hauls, i didn't really buy a lot of things. the only things i got was 2 books : The Great Expectations, and A Tale of Two Cities. (ALL CLASSICS WERE $5 IN INDIGO!!!) i was going to buy only one but i couldn't decide lol. i wanted to read Charles Dicken's books mostly because it was mentioned in The Inferno Devices and I was like i needed to understand Cassandra Clare's books more!!! (if you dont know her, check out her books, they are awesome.) the last thing i got was EXTREMELY comfy nude heels from payless for $24.99. the only thing i was worried about for these heels was that it was so comfy that i was scared the heels were gonna come off.. im still scared....
anyways, the funny (and kinda annoying) story for my 'haul' was that while trying to buy the heels, i tried to use my debit card for the first time and it didn't work. omg i had to borrow money from my friend i was so embarrassed. i was also angry because i thought i could finally act like an adult, but no. yeah well after i got home and asked my parents apparently i didnt have a cheque account at all.. and i swear i thought i did have one.... so yeah now im angry at the bank.
another thing about nationals was the fantastic concerts, the most memorable ones were the Swingle Singers, and the Eastman Wind Ensemble. yeah i love music.

talking about my personal life, some of my relatives came to live in our house for their vacation, and they had two young children as well. so one night after i came back from nationals, i found out they ruined my puzzle.. yeah well i was so sad omg. i don't even know why, maybe it was the stress i started crying. my heart ached so much. my mom still laughs at me.

sadly, after national weeks, this long weekend is summative weekend T-T, i had to cram all my homework because of nationals. thankfully the discovery of 8tracks made my working days easier. it's basically a website where people comply their own playlists and some of them are really good!
i'm currently listening to this one. it's introducing me to many new artists and cool songs ;)

yeah sorry for the long post. if you read it all thank you really.

the fence

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yesterday, we were playing frisbee, and as usual i wasn't into the sport. So i walked off to a big tree right beside the fence bordering some person's backyard. I thought he wouldn't notice or count me in the game at all. but he did, and the frisbee flew to me. Now i'm only 5'2 and the frisbee was soaring in the sky, so ofcourse i wouldn't have caught it so it obviously flew over the fence, to that unknown somebody's backyard. I felt so bad at that instant because i always messed things up whenever he tried to include me in something. i almost wished that he would just ignore me and let me be alone.
well not surprisingly, the first thing he said was "whatever ill get a new one", because he was that type of person. i could hear from his tone of voice that he was actually kind of sad about the frisbee, so i tried to look through the fence to see where it fell. i wanted to say sorry, but knowing myself, i am unable to say the most important things. he saw and seemed to gain motivation, and in two minutes we found the location of the frisbee. then he suggested the crazy idea of climbing over the fence. i was a coward of course so i suggested ringing the house owner's doorbell. obviously, that was bothersome to him, and without saying anything, he started climbing over the fence. now, the fence was about twice my height, maybe even higher. i was scared for him when he started climbing. unfortunately, as he was getting over, he lost his footing and fell on some bushes and tree branches. my heart literally jumped for a second, and i was unable to watch. i didn't even have the courage to ask if he was okay. luckily, he said he was fine and he climbed back on our side after he retrieved his frisbee. the last jump down to the grass was marvelous, but i was scared for both his life and my heart.
i don't know how to feel about all this really because i thought i was over this feeling, but i was really worried when he fell on his back. not just normal worry, but scared for life worry. i've got no one to talk to about all this because even i dont understand myself. how would anyone begin to understand me?

Howl's Moving Castle Review

Sunday, March 24, 2013

yes i have never watched this movie before even though it's old. and for those of you that are not familiar with anime movies, this movie is made by studio ghibli, the same company that made Spirited Away.


This movie and its soundtrack has to be one of the most famous soundtrack in the anime movies world, what with its beautiful piano solo and whatnot. the plot is basically about a young girl being turned into an old woman by a curse, she starts to work at howl's moving castle and eventually fell in love with him.

all i can say was this movie was definitely beautiful. the artwork was amazing and the details were just absolutely stunning. It was sad, happy, funny, touching at the same time. You just cant help loving these characters. i strongly recommend it and if you havent watch it already watch it. the soundtrack matched the artwork in an unexplainable way and it was just ..amazing

sorry this review was so short lol, i dont really feel like doing anything these days :( see you next time !

A Werewolf Boy Movie Review

Sunday, March 17, 2013

*listening to sad osts and trying not let my feels for this movie drown me* Hi hi, I just recently finished this movie at 11:30pm last night and my eyes were so red and puffy from all the crying that it was still puffy this morning.. Q-Q oh my this movie was so faBULOUS THAT I have no words for it.


A Werewolf Boy is a korean melodrama movie that was in multiple film festivals way before it was released. After it was released, it quickly became one of the most successful korean melodrama of all time. (according to wikipedia ofcourse). The reason why I decided to watch it was because many people told me it was REALLY good and I was instantly interested by the trailer (keep in mind that i dont usually watch korean dramas or movies :/). I know what you're thinking, after watching the trailer, many critics said that it was the korean version of Twilight. NO. Don't judge a movie by its trailer, it was definitely WAY different than Twilight and the meaning behind the plot was WAY deeper and sadder and all those good things. (No offense to any twi-hards because i do love twilight, team jacob! (: )

In short, this story is about a teenage girl - Kim Suni (Park Bo-young), who suffers from a lung disease, moving to a country house with her family. One day, she found a teenage boy (Song Joong-ki) lying in her courtyard who doesn't know how to speak or read. Her goodhearted mom took him in and named him Chul-soo. At first Suni didn't like this strange boy whose actions are like a dog's, but gradually, she starts to teach him to read and speak. During this time, their feelings towards each other grew as well.

At the beginning of the movie, there were many funny elements to it that made me actually laughed out loud, and I was desperately trying to stifle my laughter so I don't wake up my parents. Then towards the climax and the end of the story, my laughter quickly died and turned into sobbing. Watching the extended ending of this movie (there is an extended version and a normal version, and I watched the extended one), I had never cried so hard in my whole life. It was like the kind of crying where you ran out of tears and it just becomes dry heaving. Yes, it was that sad (or touching).

Anyways, I really admired the way Song Joong-ki acted, because he had only like 1-2 lines in this whole movie. He was simply acting with only his expressions and actions for the entire movie. The message of his actions was shown through really clearly, and I didn't feel like he was just an actor with no emotions. (because he has LOTS).

One thing I didn't like about the movie was how there were parts that are really dark and I can't really tell what is happening (maybe it was the quality of the video I was watching), though it did create an eerie effect. Other than that, I really didn't like the villain (or should i say all korean villains), because they just make me so frustrated since they are always so heartless and make the main characters suffer a lot. Also, the villain in this movie was similar to many drama villains, so that didn't really matched the style of this story.

Overall, I really liked this movie and I would give everything a 5 out of 5. (mostly because i give everything i really like a 5) BUT SERIOUSLY YOU ALL SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE (even though i really wanted there to be a kissing scene but there isnt :/). 

One last warning: if you are going to watch it, prepare a box of tissue, because i wasn't kidding when i said my eyes were all puffy and red after watching it.

Hope you all had a fun march break, and I hope you all watch this movie before you get ready for school tomorrow! That's it for now, thank you all for reading till the end! :)
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